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Re: "Mudd in Your I" (Star Trek: Aurora II)

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Tim, if you can assure me that this would be rated PG-13 or less (PG or PG-7), I will do what I prefer to do, and wait for the entire episode and watch it then. I do keep the links on your dedicated page current for anyone using Star Trek Reviewed to see what's there, and your link is marked "A" for active, (as opposed to "C" for complete, or the ambiguous "B" for groups producing no more films but still have something in the can which hasn't been released). So, anyone glancing at your listing or page will find this link. If they want to see the work as a partial release, bingo, it's there. If they want to wait... they can wait with me. I don't make that determination for others. I just know that, the most extreme example of this was Phase II's Blood and Fire, where I and those who came along after it's full release think it's among their finest work, almost as good as World Enough and Time, while those who watched it as it was released consider it one of their poorest releases. Most people agree that Aurora is among the pantheon of greats in the Star Trek Fan Film world. The only issue is, 'how do I enjoy it THE MOST?'

Thank you for your fabulous work, no matter what.
Hi Barb,

Well, I guess these things are subjective, but again using "Enterprise" as a measure, I would say that "Mudd in Your I" is less "PG-13" than that--"Enterprise" had partial nudity, naked physical contact and scenes with characters clearly pre- and post- sexual relations. "Mudd in Your I" Part 1 has one shot with partial nudity about equal to what we see of T'Pol in Enterprise, but overall is more on the lines of "Mudd's Women" with a comedic sense of sexiness and some comically mild suggestive language and situations, but it's a Harry Mudd episode, so none of it is serious.

Hope that helps!

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