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Borg Question: Episode 'Drone'?

Hi all, I was re-watching this episode for the 100th time today and it's still such an awesome episode.

Anyway, my question is related to how the Borg dealt with 'One' when he beamed aboard the Sphere. As soon as he beams aboard the Borg voice boldly declares "We are the Borg, you will be assimilated" and then One warns them "Stop your attack or I will destroy you" and the Borg once again, boldly proclaims "Your technology will be added to our own." Then, One links up with the Borg vessel and begins to position the Sphere closer to the fatal nebula. Realizing they were in trouble the Borg voice almost anxiously says "Terminate your interface."

Was I the only one that thought it was weird how quickly the Borg voice went from pure confidence to anxiety? Or was this just their response to realizing that "We be ******" and telling One to terminate his interface was the last resort since the security Borg drones that One encounters were unable to stop him?

By the way, what would you call that Borg voice? The captain of the Sphere?

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