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how should JJ Trek end? (Trek 3 final scenes)

wonder how Trek 3 will end if it is to be the last one?

my take:

The heavily damaged Enterprise (refitted to look more like movies I-VI) is in its final battle with long haired bare chested Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his army of renegade Klingon followers led by Commander Kruge (Benico Del Toro). Alone, with what was left of the crew evacuated and his bridge crew dead, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) in a final act of desperation puts the ship on auto destruct and sets the ‘Genesis II’ carrying enterprise at the centre of a nearby nebula - on the burning bridge he fires all weapons at the armada of ships closing in as onscreen he watches the shuttle pod carrying Carol (Alice Eve) and infant son David escape to safety.... As the enterprise finally destroys Kruge's bird of prey, Kirk sets a collision course with Khans stolen Federation ship USS Reliant which has followed the enterprise into the nebula, and diverts all remaining power to forward phasers....Khans chilling voice is heard on speakers goading Kirk as he sits in the command chair for the final time and launches into a big 'KHHAAAAAN!!' yell….. And then, just before everything is about to go kaboom, the burned, bloodied, shirt ripped Kirk closes his eyes and reaches into his pocket…we see a strange look on his face. He pulls out a marshmallow, and starts to hear a overpowering loud noise “BRRRRAAAWWWWW!!!” then what sounds like Bones shouting 'Get that damn light outta ma face!'....

cut to: Kirk (CG 1989 William Shatner) awaking hungover in his sleeping bag by the deafening noise of a shuttlecraft landing. Empty bottles of bourbon and Romulan Ale surround him along with a copy of Quantum Mechanics Monthly and a bag of half eaten marsh 'melons' near the campfire.

A silver haired Uhura (CG 1989 N Nichols) appears out of the trees and we see Kirk, Spock and Bones (CG 1989 Nimoy and Kelley) enter the shuttlecraft. As they leave we see a marshmallow roasting on the fire, but the movie ends before we actually see it burn completely leaving it ambiguous whether he was still dreaming or not.
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