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Re: The Prime Alternative

Mr. Wallace and Mr. Carthew .....I am at awe at what you all have done. I can't even mesh the Phesarius from Corbomite manuever (just a bunch of spheres), though I like to think I do alright with rendering. I can't wait to see the studio model of this thing in all its glory. As far as meshes go, this one beats them all.

Just one thing though, and this is directed at Madman Ricky Wallace. Do you think its possible to create multiple variations of reflecting surfaces? I was thinking in those renders how you see the mosaic pattern, but they dont "Mirror" reflect at angles....well come to think of it, your Version 5 JJprise did it quite well.

Take a look (you might remember it from your site, i posted it there as well when i posted that defiant-was quite proud of both those renders when they came out so well on first render, goes to your excellence in meshing)

As you can see, some of the panels reflect the light more intensly than the others. I think that look would go well for this mesh...Just a thought. This thing really outstanding as is.
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