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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black


You were embarrassed to be RED?

You're lucky I don't go all "Pennsatucky" on you!

Bennett vs Mendez... who would win in a fight?

The photo-shopping here could be better... but for you "Sex in the City" fans...

Yes... I have a confession to make.

I tried some fanfic.

This one is going to be as long as War & Peace when she finally gets done but the author has taken the story to if not past several natural conclusions so do not fear that it is (still) an ongoing story.

I really like the "first year".

Ignore the typos and the continuity gaffes/errors in identifying characters etc. She wrote and posted "so fast" she didn't have time for any stinking fact checking! (87 chapters in 63 days)
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