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Re: Non Trek Fic: Flynn at 1111 Glen Oak (Daria/P&F x-over)

Part 6: Rescuing Sandi and Additional Problems
As the vehicle crashed to the floor, Trent pressed harder against the brake pedal, locking the wheels. “Retract the wings,” he said to Phineas.

“If you think that would help.”

“Good,” Trent said.As Phineas pulled the lever to retract the wings, Trent rotated the wheel rapidly to the right, causing it to go into a hard turn.

Sandi saw the strange vehicle come skidding to a stop, although not before knocking the ‘Inator’ over. She also saw that the scientist guy had fled. ‘I’m sure he has stuff here to defend against whatever is in that vehicle.’ For all she knew, Doofenshmirtz could have nemeses other than Perry. ‘Who’s also gone.’ She rolled her eyes. Of all the possibilities she could have imagined, she didn’t expect what happened next...

Sam and Chris emerged from the vehicle, followed by Stacy R. and Phineas. “What?” Sandi asked.

“Phineas and Ferb,” Stacy replied.

“You came in that contraption?” Sandi asked.


Sta-cy, it is totally unbecoming of a Fashion Club member like, to be seen in such a ramshackle, vehicle.”

“Eep!” Stacy shrieked. She straightened her posture as she gathered up confidence to rebut Sandi’s put down. “It’s also totally unbecoming of a Fashion Club member to be abducted by a robot.”

“We came to rescue you,” Sam added.

“You came into Danville and convinced those stepbrothers to come and rescue me?”

“Yeah,” Chris replied.

“Yes,” Sam answered.

“Right, we’re going back to Lawndale in this?” Sandi asked. ‘Totally ramshackle and unbecoming, but it will have to do.’

“No, just back to our place, then you can catch a lift with Jane’s brother,” Phineas said.

“You mean, Jane Lane?”

“Yes,” Phineas replied.

“And Daria too?” Sandi asked. ‘Of course it would be Quinn’s weird sister!’ she thought.


“Like, a necessary evil, I guess. Let’s go.”

When Phineas, Stacy R., Sam and Chris exited the vehicle, Daria turned to Candace. “Do you know where your Mom is?”

“Um, no,” Candace admitted.

“We need to know where she is if we are going to get this vehicle to her.”

Linda Flynn-Fletcher was at her husband’s antiques store when her phone rang. ‘It must be Candace,’ she thought, wondering what she would be vaguely wondering what the boys were up to this time. “Hello, Candace.”

Hi, Mom; where are you?

“I’m at the antiques store, honey. I’ll be home later.”

The antiques store?” Candace laughed, annoyingly. “Heehehehehehehee. Phineas and Ferb have built this flying bus, made out of wood and stone, and I’m going to bring it there!

“Oh, Candace!”

“It’s true!

“I’ll see you later. Bye.”

Candace hung up. “The antiques store.”

“And you know how to get there from here?” Daria asked.

“I know the address.”

“But Trent wouldn’t know where it is in relation to here,” Jane pointed out.

“I’ll help him with the directions,” Candace added as Sandi, Phineas, Stacy R, Sam and Chris boarded the vehicle.

Candace sat next to Phineas, behind Trent. “Ok, Trent, here’s the address.”

“Wait until we get back in the air,” Trent said, as he put the gear stick into Reverse, and started turning the wheel to the left.


Trent reversed the vehicle from the spot where it had lodged next to a pile of Doofenshmirtz’s equipment. As he backed out, the ‘Inator’ was pushed further from where it had been, and more equipment was broken.

“Um, Trent, I think you need to go forwards,” Candace pointed out.


“You’re probably damaging the vehicle by running over the Doof’s stuff.”

“Hmm, good point.” He put the vehicle back into drive and turned the wheel to the right again. “Ready to go. Phineas, extend wings on my mark.”


Trent floored the accelerator. As the vehicle went out of Doofenshmirtz’s lab he said. “Mark.”

Phineas pulled the lever to extend the wings, and Trent pulled back on the wheel.

Doofenshmirtz re-entered his lab to see the strange vehicle that Sandi’s rescuers had used fly off the balcony. “Curse you, Sandi Griffin! Now I don’t have anyone to use the Inator on.” He then thought of using Norm to chase after that vehicle. ‘Good idea.’

Perry chose that moment to emerge from where he had been hiding, and approached the Inator again.

“No, Perry the Platypus!”

Perry quickly found the self-destruct button where the collisions between the vehicle and the Inator had displaced the panel covering it. He pressed it and dashed off shortly before said Inator exploded.

“Curse you, Perry the Platypus!”


Perry left the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. building and followed Phineas and Ferb’s vehicle.

“Ok, it’s on Marsh Street, near the intersection with Povenmire Avenue,” Candace said.

“Thanks, Candace.”

Trent turned the vehicle in the direction of the antiques store. Ten seconds later, there was a sudden noise emanating from the drive section. A vibration rang through the rest of the vehicle. “Uh, oh!” Phineas expressed.

“Uh, oh?” Candace asked, straight away.

“What she said,” Jane echoed.

“We’re slowing down,” Trent noticed.

“How bad is it?” Stacy H. asked.

“It’s not good; it seems there is some damage. It was probably caused by our rough landing rather than the rough maneuvering, though,” Phineas explained.

“We’re still in the air, but not for long,” Trent responded. He narrowly avoided colliding with the side of a building. “We have to follow the streets. It may take longer to get to the antiques store.”

“Ferb, we have to check the damage in the air.”

Ferb opened a panel on the floor.

Perry landed on the ailing vehicle. He tied his glider in a position where it would help with the aerodynamics and then entered through a window.

Ferb was still investigating the damage. Isabella saw Perry. “Oh, there you are, Perry.”

Perry chattered.

Ferb saw one of the problems. The main shaft providing power to the right forward propeller was loose. He stood back up into the passenger compartment. “You have to select neutral for a moment, Trent.”

“Is that a good idea?” Stacy R. asked.

“We can glide for the few moments that he would need to leave it in neutral,” Ferb explained.

“Oh, OK,” Stacy R. babbled.

Trent put the vehicle in neutral. “Done.”

Ferb ducked back down and separated the drive shaft from the middle axle. He stood back up. “You can put it back into drive now.”

“Got it,” Trent said.

“Seems like a design flaw,” Daria pointed out.

“They probably didn’t expect that rough landing though,” Jane replied.

“That’ll be it.”

Moments later, Trent swerved around the top of a power line, but not before the left wing came into contact with a wire on a down stroke and broke off...

Phineas heard it. “Uh oh!”

“What now?” Stacy R. asked with a great amount of panic in her voice.

“A part of the wing broke off.”

“That’s bad, right!?”

“Well, it’s not good.”

“You mean that someone will have to go out there whilst it’s flapping?” Stacy started to hyperventilate.

“No, we can stop the flapping, but then we’d be practically gliding,” Phineas explained. “Stacy?”

Stacy started hyperventilating. Sandi got up. “We’re going to be alright!” Stacy continued to hyperventilate. Sandi slapped her on the cheek, effectively bringing Stacy out of her panic.

“That’s not good, either,” the other Stacy admonished.

“Otherwise, she would, like, pass out!” Sandi explained.

“Ok,” Stacy H. said.

Ferb then stood up. “I’ve re-tightened the drive shaft. Put it into neutral again, Trent.”

“Unfortunately, a piece of wing has broken off,” Phineas pointed out.

“Then I’ll have to do this as quickly as possible. Neutral, Trent.”


Ferb quickly reconnected the drive shaft. “Done,” he said. Trent quickly reselected Drive.

After Phineas had stopped the flapping of the left wing, Ferb crawled out with the materials to repair it.

“That’s dangerous! Shouldn’t we land first?” Candace asked.

“We should, shouldn’t we?” Phineas replied.

“There’s nowhere to land. All the parking spaces are taken up, and there are no parks,” Trent pointed out.

“Then we’ll have to take another route.”

“OK, but only vary the route by one block,” Candace commanded.

“Sure,” Trent replied.

Trent turned the vehicle to the right. As he did so, Ferb lost one of his tools, as it slipped off the wing surface...
He continued working, nevertheless.

Jane looked at Daria in concern. “You OK, Daria? You look like you’re going to puke.”

“I’m fine,” Daria replied, although she was pale. “Phineas and Ferb seem to know what they’re doing.”

“But you can also see why Candace wants to ‘bust’ them?”

“Absolutely. If you and Trent did this stuff...”

“Well, if Trent and I did do this kind of stuff, and Penny wanted to stop us, Mom wouldn’t have cared,” Jane disclosed referring to one of her older sisters. She thought for a moment. She then said, “I think Wind did get up to this kind of stuff.”


“He wasn’t as extravagant as Phineas and Ferb of course,” Jane explained.

“Of course,” Daria said, wondering what Wind Lane did get up to.

Trent brought the vehicle out of the bank. “Hmm, controls are sluggish,” he announced.

“I’ll have a look,” Phineas said.

Ferb completed the repair on the wing, and started crawling back.

“Ah, ha! Here’s the problem,” Phineas indicated whilst checking the control lines from the steering wheel to the ailerons. “The vine’s started to fray.”

“I guess you can’t replace that without putting the steering out of commission!” Candace said.

“Of course not,” Phineas acknowledged.

Ferb then re-entered the passenger compartment. “We can halt the fraying.”

“Do it, then,” Candace said. Ferb took some duct tape out of a pocket and taped it where the vine had started to fray. “That could work.”

“What about the wing?” Jane asked from her seat.

“Of course,” Phineas restarted it’s flapping, just as Trent turned to the left...
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