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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

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For what it's worth, Star Trek: Generations established that 78 years transpired between the maiden voyage of the Enterprise-B (2293) and the final voyage of the Enterprise-D (2371).
That's something else I've never fully understood. Why does the beginning of GEN have to take place in the same year as TUC? It would make more sense if it was a year or two later, as TUC ends with the Enterprise-A being decommisioned, and GEN begins with Enterprise-B ready to launch.
Yeah, most of the novels released around the time GEN hit theaters (and afterwards) used 2294 as the launch-date of the Enterprise-B (including the novel Federation, which came out about a full month or so prior to the movie), but later sources retconned this to 2293, the same year as TUC.

Not sure where the 2294-figure got started as a thing, since the first season of TNG is clearly established as occurring in 2364 (the episode, "The Neutral Zone," takes place near the very end of that year), with six more story-years taking places afterwards, with the 24th Century portions of Generations possessing stardates set one year further after THAT...i.e., in 2371.
And if we take Data's statement in Generations that the Nexus sweeps through our Galaxy every 39 years, then the Enterprise-B encountered the Nexus in 2293 (it fits the "78 years later" when we see the TNG gang nicely).
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