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Re: Next Movie Should Show More Extended Shots Of The Enterprise

Long, steady beauty shots of the Enterprise would have been at odds with Abrams' frentic shooting style. They would have caused a disconnect, kinda like the new effects in TOS-R do.

I liked how it was shot in XI, not as a majestic vessel but as a huge thing. So big it didn't fit in frame, you had to be a long way away to get a good look and when you do you don't get the good angles.

Into Darkness kept a similar style, but used much more flattering and zoomed-out angles - in fact, many of them are the same angles Tobias Richter used in his collection of wallpapers from 2009.

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Please feel free to correct me but the slower you go the closer the shot the more fake it looks - I mean in CGI.

Isn't that why they go so fast?

With a model it doesn't make that much difference but they don't use models any more do they.
That was the case in the BSG TV series, but a big budget movie has a lot more time to work on each shot, and more raw processing power to render them. Take a look at the zoom-in from deep space all the way into the bridge window in Into Darkness - it looked super realistic to me.
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