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Re: only today (Sept 16th)

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The ship got wrecked when the captain drove far too close to an island because he wanted to brag with his huge ship. This idiocy cost 32 passengers their lives, more than 200 got seriousely injured.
A similar moment from Star Trek, but without the tragic ending:
VALERIS: Clear all moorings.
KIRK: Awaiting port gates from this mark.
SPACEDOCK VOICE: All lines cleared.
VALERIS: Aft thrusters.
KIRK: Thank you. Lieutenant, one-quarter impulse power.
VALERIS: Captain, may I remind you that regulations specify thrusters only while in Spacedock?
SPOCK: Hm. Hm.
McCOY (OC): Jim?
KIRK: You heard the order, Lieutenant.
VALERIS: Aye sir.
I have disliked that scene from the first time I saw it in '91. How can Kirk have failed to learn the lesson from TWOK? Now since the Costa Concordia wreck I can't help but think of Schettino's idiocy every time I see that scene. It turns what was intended to be a fun moment into a real bummer.
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