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question number 8: on TOS starship

hello every one, i have not ben on here for some time now. here is my question, how many of you do know the full lay out of the star ship enterprise of the TOS ship?,

i am about ready to do this but i do need some help of this. can any one help to draw out the out line of the star ship for me on paper. you can get a hold of me thru this web site and i can give you more info of where to mail the papers to. i am going to build a star ship out of TIN METAL the model will be 55' foot long by 25' wide by 15' tall. i am still working out the plans i got but if any of you realey like this idea. i am still working this out. i will check this site out next week mon, wed, fri, sun.
i will update this later.
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