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Re: nuTrek timeline?

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I'm not certain the film contradicts the comics and video game on that because I took Kirk to be speaking only of the Nibiru mission. I will say, however, that I didn't understand the end of what Kirk said because he and Pike spoke at the same time so my understanding could be wrong.
"You know how many crewmembers I've lost since I took the captain's chair? Not one...not one."
Well, that explains things somewhat. I only hear and understand: "You know how many crewmembers I've lost since.... Not one...not one." I take it that "...I took the captain's chair?" is the part I heard but couldn't make out. Neither the subtitles or closed captions include the "since I took the captain's chair" part. Question: How were you able to make that out? Also, if most people can't understand it, would that part still be hard canon or would it be more on the level of Jonathan Archer's personal file in "In A Mirror Darkly, Part II"?

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