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Shilliam Watner
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Next Movie Should Show More Extended Shots Of The Enterprise

One thing about J.J. is that he doesn't show longer beauty shots of the Enterprise. We get just a few seconds of glimpses of the ship and not the whole ship in it's entirety. Why is that? For instance, in STID when the ship was released from the docking clamps, we get maybe 4 seconds of the entire ship positioning itself for warp. Another scene that was entirely within 5 seconds was the shot of the ship when the ship dropped out of warp unexpectedly. That's just two short of time in my opinion. They should have showed the ship much longer coming to a stop. And at several angles. In the Wrath of Khan we got many long extended shots of the ship moving gracefully. I hope they give us longer shots of the entire ship on impulse in the next movie. Anyone agree?
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