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Re: What The Hell? What Is Up With The Side Hull Torpedo Bays?

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I liked it. It's a big ship so she can fit extra tubes on the side. I've never liked the idea that entire sections of a ship were simply empty, waiting for a mission so that they can be used. It seemed like such a waste. With those side torpedo tubes, now she can defend herself 360 degrees!

They did a good job in giving the Enterprise crew actual jobs and purpose, instead of just a bunch of people wandering lovely hallways.
My only problem with the side tubes is that they're stuck in the engineering section, which is already cram packed with machinery and presumably storage. Plus it's a bit risky to line both sides of that section with weapons that could chain-detonate and destroy the ship if the enemy gets a lucky hit on the tubes before the torps launch. (Yeah, I know the Vengeance manages to somehow not get reduced to atoms, but that's the power of plot for you).
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