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Re: DWM Announces Full Cast List for Big Finish's The Light at the End

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Dumb question, is this going to be available to buy in the US? As a digital download, maybe?
You can download in the US from Big Finish, I'm in California and download stuff all the time from there.

If you buy the CD and wait for it and pay for shipping, you can also download it for free immediately, so, you can listen while you wait for the actual CD to show. ($23.02 Standard/$61.42 Deluxe + Shipping, not sure how much) At least one or two US Folks on the board that posts about Audios buy the CDs

If you're like me, and prefer to burn your own CDs, and keep them in a CD wallet for less storage space (Or keep them as files on computer or a device), the Download only is cheaper than buying the CD, and no shipping fees either. ($12.99 for the Standard/ $25.00 for Deluxe)

All Big Finish Purchases stay in your account Library, so, you can download them at any time if you ever want to download again for any reason (Except the very rare occasions that don't have downloads)

Big Finish Standard
Big Finish Deluxe

Looks like Amazon CD is $42.32 pre-order, I don't see a download yet.
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