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Re: In The Flesh: The Neutering of Specied 8472

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My biggest issue with the episode isn't the shaky peace treaty but why they're even bothering with the whole infiltration thing. I mean they can pop out anywhere and blow up a planet in around ten seconds at demonstrated in Scorpion. Even if every Starfleet vessel is equipped with biological weapons like they erroneously think, it stands to reason they can wipe out the Federation easy enough anyways. It's like going to the trouble of infiltrating an ant hill instead of just opening a can of bug spray and soaking them.
you're assuming they'r an aggressive species, that they would attack first then ask questions. If they're a peacful race then they wouldn't want to inflict unecessary damage
If they were not aggressive, why was Kes saying that they are extreme social Darwinists who felt like they had the right to cleanse of the universe of all "inferior, weaker" species?

Just because they were not the aggressors in the conflict with the Borg, doesn't make them good guys.

It really makes Kes and the rest of the Voyager crew seem really stupid for allying with the Borg in the scorpion, if Species 8472 were not as evil as Kes made them out to be.

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To be fair... it would be an injustice to judge all people by what one of them says in the heat of battle. What if that was Patton out there running his mouth saying something inflammatory for example, would you think all Americans are blowhards who want to conquer the world?

The only thing 8472 is guilty of is maybe using excessive force to defend themselves.
Why didn't Kes pick up the feelings of any other members of Species 8472, who weren't having extreme social Darwinist genocidal thoughts. Why were they thinking about intergalactic genocide, when they had a grudge against the Borg and no one else?

Imagine if in Dr. who, the Daleks just decided that they really didn't want to commit intergalactic genocide, that was a misunderstanding, wouldn't that undermine everything we knew about them and ruin them in the process?

This whole thing comes off as a sloppy retcon, Species 8472 goes from scary, dogmatic, genocidal, social Darwinists into scared little sheep who were just misunderstood, those are not the same characters, no matter what kind of logical back flips you try to use to justify this change, its a change and it comes out of nowhere.
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