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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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The same Enterprise-D that got destroyed by a decades old Klingon rust bucket, and a decades old Klingon rust bucket that wasn't even in its class size at that.


I mean hell one hit to the nacelles and the D goes up like the fourth of july where as Reliant gets a nacelle blown clean off in a fight and needs Khan setting off genesis to be destroyed and the Constellation gets the absolute shit kicked out of it by the Doomsday Machine and is apparently salvageable.
The Klingons basically lowered the Enterprise's shields by figuring out the phase modulation. Given that, a few shots would have been enough to cripple the ship, in any century.

The E-E would toast the Vengeance, exactly the same way the Narada took down every ship it faced. 100 years is a long time for weapons to improve.
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