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Re: "Even the Lies?" "Especially the Lies"

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I'm not entirely sure how the concepts of Good vs. Evil came into this thread, but it is an interesting discussion. I'm not sure if I worded my original question all that well, but I think it comes down to now that we know more about Garak and how he develops as the series went on, was there more added "depth" to the "especially the lies" line than what originally met the Eye. We know he's sophesticated, but I was wondering if I was really just missing the overall meaning of that line.

I will say whenever I watch DS9, Garak becomes even more facsinating as a character on each viewing. It really is a credit to the writers and Andrew Robinson for making Garak probably the best, or at least top 5, characters in all of Star Trek.
My interpretation is that there is no more real Garak than the one that is spinning a tale, whether they are accurate or manufactured.
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