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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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entertainment weekly says "hardcore Star Trek fans are retroactively deciding that maybe this whole reboot thing was never a good idea"
Nice of them to speak for me without asking.
Exactly. Ginning up a controversy by suggesting that all us fans are in a tizzy makes a better story than admitting that there's actually a wide range of opinions on the subject.

Do I need to tell my New York Post story again? Very well . . .

A few months back, when the new movie opened, I was contacted by a reporter from the New York Post who was doing on a story on how all us old-school supposedly hated the reboot. I spent over thirty minutes on the phone explaining to him that this was hardly the case, but he didn't want to hear it; he told me upfront that his editor had already pretty much dictated the slant of the article.

When I refused to play along and give him the quote he wanted, he asked me to point him toward another Trek author who would be willing to speak out against the reboot. Again, I declined to cooperate.

Sure enough, when the article saw print a few days later, the gist of it was that (surprise!) old-school Trekkies don't like the reboot! And the only quote they used from me was the part where I grudgingly conceded that some fans had issues with nuTrek . . . .

So, yeah, take this sort of media coverage of the "backlash" with a huge grain of salt.
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