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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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See, I don't buy that the Narada changed everything regarding ship design. Just look at the Kelvin. It was bigger than the original NCC-1701 20 plus years earlier. The JJverse was an alternate timeline long before Nero flew into it.
I can play Devil's Advocate here.

USS Kelvin was larger than a Constitution-class, yes. That does not translate necessarily into more advanced. I read somewhere the notion that here was a deep space, long-term survey ship, with a crew mostly of scientists and their families. A passenger liner or freighter might be much larger than a warship, but less advanced in design as well as less able to defend itself. Clearly Kelvin is not a civilian ship, but I would argue it might be a slower, larger science vessel--a souped-up Oberth as it were. Or, more likely, a huge primitive Oberth that had to be that big because it was going to be on its own for much longer periods of time.

I've got other problems with Abrahms flick but this one doesn't seem to be a contradiction. IMHO
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