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Re: What Happens After Death

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I would like to add that myths were conceived by ancient civilizations to make sense of the world and phenomena around them - life, death, birth, sunrise, sunset, light and darkness, etc.
Ergotism, tripping on extracts from plants--the list goes on.

Floating on a trip, seeing perhaps, asteroid falls--all that is probably why we turned form concepts of an Earth Mother to the sky Father--the stature of Zeus by Phidias helping out along the way.

I'm thinking the choke point in Earths population from Toba inspired Genesis. As a hard boiled detective might say..."Whether it was the muck that formed Adams bones, the primodial ooze from four billion years ago--or the other ooze deposited by our fathers, say, in the back seat of a Nash or Cameros, we all descend from slime."

The loss of the fertile crescent from over-farming (Dust Bowl on steroids?) was how we were cast out of Eden, as it were.

Back on Topic.

So what about the future of an afterlife?

As a riverworld fan, I find that it would be really nice to--if possible--travel back in time with nano-whatsits and at least try to infect and download Mozart's personality. It might not even take that much

Now I seem to remember an earlier edition of this article where it said that only part of the brain was needed so as to keep one's personality.

Now if that pattern could be encoded into a space time crystal, you could outlive the universe:

And there's your soul

Now since you would go mad without company, you would have to have everyone all linked together--and then you get the concept of the Nexus from Generations.
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