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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

But the point of terrigenesis is that it is unstable and doles out unleveled powers where the recipients if they are not preapproved before birth might receive even selfdestructive abilities.

Quicksilver was giving exmutants (after the Decimation) new powers with stolen terrigen crstals and they were blowing up or floating away into space or... And Blackbolt was outright FORBIDDEN to breed because his children, or merely his children with his cousin/wife (more should be made of that. Cousin/wife. Moonbillies?) Medusa were "forecasted" to be down right troublesome.

Meanwhile... Jim Krueger's Earth X. The Mutants final solution to the human problem was the complete terrigenesis of the planet which also helped them resolve a worrisome Galactus/Celestial crisis.
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