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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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Khan made a choice.

Was it beam up Kirk and kill right there and then, or have Kirk trapped forever more?

If I were feeling as vengeful as Khan I would leave Kirk on that planet. The point is Khan is not a totally ruthless villain, vengeance is Khan's weakness and because Khan made it personal we have a much better movie for it.

This is not a plot hole but simply questioning Khan's motives.
It is a massive plot-hole. MASSIVE. He spent the whole movie wanting to kill Kirk right up to beaming up Genesis and then just changed his mind? I call BULLSHIT.
It's not a plot hole at all. Kirk gave Khan the opportunity to punish him in a more fitting manner than simply killing him. He's going to do to Kirk exactly what Kirk did to him and his wife. Justice. He wasn't settling for anything, he was getting an even better revenge. Hell, Khan flat-out says this. Whether you like that turn or not, it's not a plot hole.
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