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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

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I feel ok with them coming back but I think they could use some help from a writer who wrote for TNG or DS9 with a more scientific background? Or someone from TNG/DS9 who simply knows how to write a Trek story that can remain within the boundaries of established Treknology & Trek tech issues and inconsistencies.

I realise they are pretty trivial details to think about but my brain being full of random Trek shit does not help me out when I notice annoying things during the movie that others may be oblivious to! It takes me several viewings to ignore myself

I just feel like Kurtzman and Orci can't write good sci-fi but they can write excellent set pieces and great character dialogue & development. They just lack one piece of the puzzle imho and that might be addressed with an old-time Trek writer or perhaps run a script draft past the old writing team or something. They could provide invaluable insight and tidy the script up to the point that we have nothing to complain about in here!
Except, they aren't doing TNG Era Trek, they are doing TOS Era Trek, so, anything in TNG Era Trek (Like Utopia and Picard's speechifying before firing) that isn't in TOS, is not appropriate for the movies currently being made. Section 31 wasn't a problem, because, even though it wasn't invented until DS9, it was said to have always been there. Even Janeway in Voyager spoke of Kirk, Spock and Sulu's era being more "Cowboy" and they would all be drummed out of Starfleet's TNG era more diplomatic style.
I realise we are not seeing TNG now, I do not have any issue with the portrayal of the characters in the reboot. I think they are doing a great job in that regard. I don't want utopia or Picard speeches.

TNG did have similar rules to TOS about the technology and its limits and it did respect science and the laws of physics mostly (haha!) and its writers worked within those limits week in week out, so they might provide a 'buffer' to prevent K&O ideas such as Transwarp beaming being used as a plot device.

Like I said, it is trivial details ultimately! I think they will deliver an enjoyable film again regardless.
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