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Re: Earth Spacedock and its true purpose?

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I've always just looked at Spacedock One as being a massive spaceport, a major port of call for ships--both Starfleet and civilian--passing through Sector 001. It has a strong Starfleet presence (and may have levels reserved solely for Starfleet's usage), but I tend to think the majority of its population is civilian and may not be too unlike DS9 in the way it operates with retail shops, restaurants, business offices, entertainment venues, permanent residential areas, etc. In a way, it's an entire city in space, IMO.

Patrickivan wrote: View Post
plus it looks cool. Ive always loved the spacedock. It was such a grand example of technology that earth has at the time. Think of being a visitor for the first time, showing up at earth and being staged at this monster facility. Quite impressive.
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