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Re: Favourite Trek Couple

My own few pennies...

Most relationships on all the Treks didn't ring "true" for me. More, those that did start to feel real went off the rails in terms of believability. One such was Amanda/Sarek. Her hissy fit at the end of "Journey to Babel" struck a very wrong chord, although up until then it felt very real. Was as if the production decided to staple on a slice of 50s sitcom onto the end, just so they could get a line everyone wanted (understandably, the line is great--my objection lies with the setup).

Never, ever saw any chemistry between Rider/Troi. Nor the two characters that in theory had captured Scotty's heart. Kirk's squeeze-of-the-week had all the emotional depth of a James Bond tryst. The "relationship" between Picard and Lwaxana felt fun, but came across as parsecs closer to a kind of friendship than anything like real romance. Other relationships, like Janeway's with her boyfriend (okay there was no time to develop that) and Sisko's with Yates, felt forced.

But the ones I did believe in, did feel touched a note of actual romantic chemistry...

Paris/Torres - because it seemed to spontaneously grow out of two flawed characters' interaction over years.
Picard/Vash - not because this was a Great Love, but because these two ended up with a strong connection, even though they'd be miserable married to one another.
Jadzia/Worf - for much the same reason as Paris/Torres. They worked with each other, got to know each other, and I totally accepted these two felt something real.
Spock/Uhura - heresy I know, but seems to me there was always a specific connection these two felt in the original timeline, and an alternate history if they'd met under different circumstances this seemed possible. Don't like how it played out in STID, though.

Special mention for Odo/Kira that almost made sense to me, for the Doctor's infatuation with Seven, and Bones' feelings for his old flame Nancy.
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