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Re: What The Hell? What Is Up With The Side Hull Torpedo Bays?

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Also kind of hard to sell the idea that weaponizing Starfleet is bad when this Enterprise has more weapons than all the previous Enterprises combined, and we're supposed to shun the Vengeance because it has a lot of weapons.
I just assumed that those broadside torpedo launchers were specific only to the mission (say, in Galaxy-class-style interchangeable modules), though it still doesn't explain why, then, there's such a prominent dual torpedo launcher facing the front of the ship anyway.

But your point specifically reminds me that, for all the weapons this Enterprise has, she never had a chance to fire a single shot in the movie. I doubt it was intentional on the part of the writers that all those weapons were useless and impotent in the end -- if it really *were* intentional, it could have made an effective counterpoint to Marcus' war machine approach, that more weapons doesn't mean better or more secure.
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