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Re: What The Hell? What Is Up With The Side Hull Torpedo Bays?

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Remember, Starfleet is a peace-keeping organization. I guess they felt the addition of 100 or so torpedo tubes to the ship helped reach that goal.
Even Scotty called Kirk out on it. That's one of the points that was being made, Marcus, and his ilk were turning Starfleet into just another interstellar war-machine; this isn't the Starfleet the crew signed up to join.
Yeah, I'm kind of the opinion that Marcus was in the right until he tried to murder Kirk and his crew, start a war with the Klingons, and thawed out Khan to help with his plans, oh and the whole assignation without trial plan.

Because until those points all marcus was doing was beefing up Starfleet to deal with threats (aka what they started doing in the TNG era after the Borg kicked their asses into the dirt) and getting over the delusion that they weren't a military.

I mean hell I still don't get why Marcus would be worried about Kirk or someone blabbing about Section 31 in this movie considering it was described as a Starfleet division that designs defenses and gathers intelligence on potential threats to the federation (instead of the typical criminal organization that engages in terrorism from the TNG era), I mean why would he be worried about that, that sounds reasonable.

I mean seriously what is it about acknowledging that the universe isn't all sunshine and kittens and that there are things out there that want nothing more than to kill you in the most horrible ways imaginable and don't give a crap how you feel about it either because they can't or they just don't want to and that some steps should be taken to protect yourself from them that some people in the trek universe and even in the fandom have trouble with accepting
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