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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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I had the greatest idea just now when I was in the shower thinking about how, truly, everything is better in space.

Imagine if OitNB was set on Rura Penthe.

Crazy Eyes can be a Tellarite girl (I bet they are cute) and Nicky and the one planning her wedding can be Orions. Yoga Jones can be a Bajoran, hence all the zen advice. Everyone else can be humans in the main cast but of course in the background are all kinds of other species.

It can be called Fuck You is the New Qapla'.

AND for extra sci-fi grossness when we see the tampon scene the tampon can be donated by a Vulcan so the blood is green.

All the guards are of course Klingon douches, the younger dickwad types that tormented Worf's son when he was trying to be a warrior.
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD must be SOOOOO disappointed, if after showering with HIM you thought of Rura Penthe!

If FU is the NEW Qapla', does that mean Qapla' is the old FU?

(In my best Dr McCoy voice)

Qapla' ya'all.


Welcome, to the thread, Kaffe.
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