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Re: Earth Spacedock and its true purpose?

I feel like while this is a decent argument, using widescale fusion powerplants to generate the necessary energy to create lots of antimatter feels, to me, to be a massive waste of resources, especially requiring something that has the same overall mass in terms of materiel as a fleet of several thousand starships.

There's a lot more space than around near earth orbit, and we know that the Federation has such simple access to in-system sublight and even FTL travel that they could place all sorts of facilities around a star's orbit without needing it to be concentrated. You could create huge solar energy collectors that would convert deuterium to anti-deuterium in large batches without having to supply anything but the raw materials (and possibly even without that if replicators worked a certain way) and in orbits around Sol that would both be extremely safe and more energy efficient.

I could see the enormous ventral segment being useful as a storage unit for refueling use (and therefore that would also provide the "umbrella"'s useage as protection for ships), but having it be the primary ship refit/construction site AND the primary antimatter generation area seems a bit too much like putting all your eggs in one basket and doing so at the most inefficient way at the same time.
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