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Re: In The Flesh: The Neutering of Specied 8472

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My biggest issue with the episode isn't the shaky peace treaty but why they're even bothering with the whole infiltration thing. I mean they can pop out anywhere and blow up a planet in around ten seconds at demonstrated in Scorpion. Even if every Starfleet vessel is equipped with biological weapons like they erroneously think, it stands to reason they can wipe out the Federation easy enough anyways. It's like going to the trouble of infiltrating an ant hill instead of just opening a can of bug spray and soaking them.
I think they were worried about us popping in their domain and releasing those little buggers.
I think so.

8472 had every reason to assume the worst about the federation. First we side with the borg in their war (as far as they're concerned), shoot at them with the nanoprobe weapons, then we send an injured helpless member of their species over to the hirogen ship to be tortured and killed. Of course they're worried about the federation
True, humans have proven to be anything but stable.

I think I remember Boothby bringing up those nanaprobes in negotiation with Janeway as well.
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