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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

There's still a huge double standard at work. Nathan Fillion is on his way to Riker-like bloat-sizing on CASTLE, but there's no way his co-star could keep working if anything like that befell her.

One more reason to like British programming is that to no small degree, the females actually look normal in size, which, assuming you're not playing a contemporary movie star or an anorexic or an anorexic-wannabe, actually makes sense.

If you can find pictures of Christina Hendricks from before MAD MEN but after FIREFLY, you'll see she was on a short-lived series that had her dieted down to ridiculous proportions, given her endowments. It's a grand fluke she wound up on a show that lets her celebrate nature instead of try to disavow it.
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