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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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^But that was my point, Sisko didn't plan to deal with it later. He didn't plan to deal with it at all.
If you're on the second or third floor of a building that is burning, and you can't get out through the stairs or elevator, you jump out the window and hope for the best. You may break your neck, or at least your leg, but, you don't plan, at that point in time to deal with that, since you don't what will happen to you until you hit the ground, which has got to be better than burning to death. "Planning" for what would happen when you jump out the window would mean calling a doctor, etc. You worry about fixing your broken leg or whatever, after you have escaped the fire, you don't waste time, possibly burning to death in the process of planning for what might happen when you hit the ground
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