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Starship Valorous Is Recruiting Now!

Do you really know your Trek? Are you intrigued by Romulans? Do you like to write about characters caught up in quadrant-wide upheavals? Then the U.S.S. Valorous is the ship for you!

The Valorous is a Sovereign-class starship from the year 2380 (one year after Nemesis) that is currently under repairs after she was severely damaged by a Borg cube on her maiden voyage. The captain is an Andorian named Hishom Gellora, who was just promoted from his position as operations officer and questions his own ability to command.
The Chief Medical is a Betazed named Yoshiya Xavier, who is looking to further his career.
The Chief Engineering Officer is a young Bajoran man named Iandugan Crais, who is busy with repairing the ship and dealing with the skeleton crew. ALL OTHER POSITIONS ARE OPEN!
Once she's ready to get underway again, the Valorous will be sent into Romulan Territory, during a time when diplomatic relations between the Federation and the Romulans are shaky at best. The Valorous' mission will be to facilitate the efforts of the diplomats and to be prepared to evacuate all Federation citizens should the Star Empire desintigrate into civil war.

We are a forum-based roleplay site (with an area for fanfic if you're so inclined) who are looking to fill all positions!! Stop by and fill-out a character application today, it is the logical thing to do!
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