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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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If Sisko's decision leads to a war with the Romulans that proves more devastating than the Dominion War, would it still have been the "right" choice?
How can a war with a technologically equal race end up being more devastating than losing the Dominion war and having thousands of Jem'Hadar soldiers on every Federation planet?

I simply don't buy it. Plus, drawing the Romulans into the war would also have the benefit of depleting their resources and ability to make war. If the Federation was able to somehow come out victorious against the Dominion on its own, it would be so weakened that it would be easy pickings for a Romulan Empire that sat on the sidelines.
Just because the Romulans are technologically equal at the time of DS9 doesn't mean they'll continue to be. As their animosity towards Vulcans shows, they're quite capable of holding grudges.

You're welcome not to buy it, but that doesn't mean it won't happen at some point.

If we were to look at the novelverse, right now the Romulan praetor is fairly well-disposed towards the Federation (at least she is at the point I'm at in the books). It's easy enough to imagine that if Sisko's deception came out at this point in time, that would be at least temporarily shaken. Even if the praetor herself understood why Sisko did what he did, could we reasonably expect the Romulans as a people to simply overlook the situation?
Eh, it was a pretty sure thing that not getting help from the Romulans against the Dominion would be catastrophic. So, deal with that first, and if it led to war with The Romulans later (Which sure wasn't a certainty, whereas the Dominion dominance pretty much was) then deal with that, at that time.
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