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Re: What's in a name?

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I think itīs doubtful, that many Starfleet officers would be familiar with (or even care about) the initial origin of a shipīs name. To them these names will most likely just represent the continuation of a proud heritage of previous vessels of the same names. Whether any given name first came from a person, a place or a battle from 500 or more years earlier will not really matter to them anymore, IMO.

Not even close to my point.
But it is! You assume that Starfleet personnel will be familiar with the exact origin of a shipīs name. The situation you illustrated ...

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Imagine meeting a civilization for the first time. They ask you casually what the name of your ship means in your language.
... may only become a problem, when the answer is ...

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"Uh. Well, it's named after a great battle in a war of revolution."
If instead the answer is something like, "itīs a traditional name in our world, and many proud vessels have borne it before. Itīs that heritage that we honor" I donīt think thereīll be a problem.

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