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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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When watching DS9(for the second time) I found that there was way to little exploration of the gamma quadrant.
Well in the first two seasons they were going through regularly and meeting aliens of the week over there. Bajor even had colonies on the other side. When you encounter a huge planetary empire that shoots on sight, that does hinder exploration a bit.
What a daft excuse.

The writers could have written in exploration adventures, and allowed the protagonists to resort to logic, problem solving, team work and reasoning to save the day - but I guess DS9 was a flawed concept considering it was some uninspiring space station doing sod-all in deep space. TPTB decided to create smoke and mirrors that was the dominion war and throwing in a millenium falcon rip off to appease the dominant 14 year old male demographic.
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