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Re: Thoughts on Season 3

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But the Doc's whole schtick was about how holograms were just like people.

As for your extrapolation to insinuate that I'm calling you a "selfish A-hole"...

I'm not. I am describing my impression of the episode and what it showed me about the Doctor. It's not personal.

I'm an oddity. While I think Picardo did an awesome job, I simply didn't *like* the Doctor. He was a great character, but not a likeable one IMO. Which is fine in my book because the unlikeable characters are usually more interesting.
yeah, and PEOPLE deal with grief in their own way, some turn inward some cling to others. I wouldn't call anyone selfish for however they grieve. If they need to take care of themselves first I don't think that makes them selfish

Edit: the unlikeableness of the doctor...while I did like him, wasn't he supposed to be unlikeable? isn't that why starfleet trashed his line?
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