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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

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.... And stop going to Old Spock for answers.
I think that's part of why Prime Spock was in this one, to give a non-answer answer. After ST'09, many brought up the fact that Spock Prime should be spilling his guts, helping them to prevent every major thing that his Enterprisesaved the Galaxy from. By bringing in Spock Prime in STiD and having him be almost no help at all, it answered that question, and showed he's not going to spill everything he knows, so, now it's been addressed and can be moved beyond. If he hadn't been brought in, Fans would be screaming about why he wasn't brought in to be asked about Khan
Well, let's just hope that he spilled his guts about the stuff that probably can't be avoided (like the Doomsday Machine and Whale Probe). Otherwise he's condemning tons of people to die in the former case, and potentially dooming Earth in the latter (he has no way to know if they can hijack a Klingon BoP and use it to travel back in time to pick up some whales).
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