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Re: Finally saw Star Trek: Into Darkness

I'm trying to keep an open mind about NuTrek (in fact, I really want to like it), so I purposefully never read up plot points on the film before I go and see it, so I was still wondering if Cumberbatch was Khan/Mitchell/someone else.

When the film started and he was Harrison, a man with a mystery, great resources and a superb intellect, I quite liked it (the first few minutes on the planet/under water not withstanding). But when he states that he was Khan, I honestly groaned in despair in the cinema (got a few odd looks from those near me). I found that the quality of the film went downhill from that point.

With NuTrek, some of the things to do well they do very well, but then there are just lots of other things that bug me about it--don't get me wrong other Trek series and films also have annoying elements--as they're trying to make it essentially a reboot of the franchise, but they're just rehashing lots of things previously done, rather than having a fresh start and doing something really interesting.

I'm still debating whether or not to get the DVD.
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