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Re: "Invasion!" in the Mirror Universe

Did the Furies even exist in the MU? Given how fundamentally they influenced a great many cultures across the galaxy (including humanity), I'd say they did, seeing as how similar the histories of so many cultures are in the MU. But the era of the Furies was thousands of years ago. I don't worry about stuff like how V'Ger would have occurred in the MU, as in my opinion, history had already diverged so much by that point that it's highly probable there never was a Voyager VI (if, indeed, there was even ever a Voyager program). I've read that an RPG supplement conjectured the Cetacean Probe did attack Earth in the MU, at the same time as in the primary reality, but when Mirror-Spock brought Mirror-George and Mirror-Gracie to the 23rd century from the 20th, the Probe transformed them into cybernetic monsters that laid waste to large portions of Earth's coastal regions. Make of it what you will.
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