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Re: The hate at "Genesis"

Admiral2 wrote: View Post
But making it about the characters is that blank check, as I've just described.
"Genesis" doesn't work on any level, science or character. As already pointed out, even ignoring the laugh-out-loud so-called science the entire story hinges upon, the characters act like idiots. There are some TNG episodes I could think of that I think are good character episodes, but "Genesis" ain't one of them. I'm hard-pressed to think how "Genesis" could even be considered a good character episode.

Look, all you're doing is complaining about stuff that exists franchise-wide, not just in this episode.
The bad stuff that exists franchise-wide doesn't make "Genesis" any better.

Once you realize that, you should easily be able to take the ep for what it is, a fun next generation horror movie.
It doesn't even make a good horror movie, unless me laughing at the TV screen is the sign of a good horror movie.
KaraBear wrote: View Post
isn't the point of tv to entertain? if the science isn't comletly accurate who cares?
Well, I suppose the episode is entertaining in a MST3K kind of way.
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