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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

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Yes agree with you here, I would rather have my top Starfleet agent gone rogue to actually be that, I didnt mind Khan in the end but it took the second watch to get over it (worst kept secret in Hollywood) and find it funny they out him on the back of the DVD cases instead of letting people who dont know watch the film and experience the twist (beyond daftness right there... yes I am talking to you Paramount!)
Yea, I hate when DVD Producers do that. Babylon 5 Season 2, the picture on the cover ruins the Delenn Twist, and if you were lucky enough not to notice that, the Opening credits of the first couple episodes on TV used the S1 picture, but, the DVD opening credits using the S2 picture for the entire season, including the episodes before the twist. I watched it live in first run, so, no problem for me, but, it's a bummer for folks viewing it on DVD for the first time
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