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Re: What The Hell? What Is Up With The Side Hull Torpedo Bays?

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Makes sense from a combat perspective. You don't have to maneuver the ship around as much in order to fire torpedoes.
Which doesn't make sense because in that scene, the Enterprise isn't doing any maneuvers, or moving at all. Why not just say that the Enterprise's main torpedo launcher can fire these special torpedoes five times a second, or fire these torpedoes so that they orbit over their intended target and will launch towards it when given the command? They are supposed to be undetectable. And shouldn't torpedoes "lock on" to targets so that no matter what direction you are facing, the torpedoes would just head towards their targets? We see torpedoes (heck, even phasers) do that in this very movie.

Also kind of hard to sell the idea that weaponizing Starfleet is bad when this Enterprise has more weapons than all the previous Enterprises combined, and we're supposed to shun the Vengeance because it has a lot of weapons.

Plus this "let's throw more stuff in!" shows that nobody is really putting the design of the Enterprise to good use. You already have torpedo launchers that can fire a ton of torpedoes and a huge shuttle bay with a big interior. Why not just stick with what you have that works instead of putting more nonsense onto your ship that only serves to accomplish the same thing?
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