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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

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A couple requests?

- Throw some techobabble in there that eliminates the stupid Khan superblood thing.

- Same for the brief-case sized transwarp thingy...
Please no, I dont think theres a need to explain it out.. just move on and forget about it (both the writers and audience) in the same way the Producers of Stargate forgot that a 3rd shot from a Zat gun disintegrates once they decided it was silly.
It's been such a throrn, that I think it needs something to put it to bed. "Just move on" I thought was OK for after the frist one.

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- End Spock/Uhura, please just end it.
I liked some of the Spock/Uhura relationship, and there are many fans of it, so instead of end it just dont play into it as pivotal points of the story... simply show them talking off duty in the rec room or something.
I would be OK with that, but they've made such a spectical of it I doubt they will just let it go to the background.

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- Oh, and an origional story would be nice.

Thank you.
Yes agree with you here, I would rather have my top Starfleet agent gone rogue to actually be that, I didnt mind Khan in the end but it took the second watch to get over it (worst kept secret in Hollywood) and find it funny they out him on the back of the DVD cases instead of letting people who dont know watch the film and experience the twist (beyond daftness right there... yes I am talking to you Paramount!)
It's so frustrating they went to all that trouble to give themselves a clean slate in ST09 and then didn't have the courage to use it.
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