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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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Again, overall a meh season. But I'd much rather see the show hindsightedly tackle issues and "criticize" the media in how the handle(d) them rather than making up storylines like this Genoa thing. And, really, the 2012 election would've been a playground of things to tackle.
I respectfully disagree. We don't need Sorkin to play Captain Hindsight. Frankly, he's not good at it. His attempts are not subtle, they're patronising, and they're not even particularly insightful. Leave that stuff to Stewart and Colbert, two guys who are experts at media criticism, with the bonus that they're pretty funny.

What Sorkin is good at is writing interesting original stories with good characters. The Genoa story had some missteps, but overall it was a good story and made the best use of the characters so far this series. It was a big step up on the types of original stories that appeared in the first season, which mostly involved cloying romance antics.
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