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Re: Random Songs That Remind You of Star Trek

This isn't entirely random, for reasons that will become obvious, but there is a portion of the book "Spock's World" that describes a Vulcan family run asteroid mining operation at a time shortly before the Reformation. One of the primary focuses of that section is the relationship between two of the characters and how it is falling apart, in part due to the female spending too much time with VR entertainment to escape her surroundings AND dealing with her significant other.

There is a group called T'Pau that had the majority of their hits in the UK in the late 80s/early 90s. (Carol Decker, their lead singer, claims they named the group more or less randomly based on something they heard on TV, and that the band almost ended up being named "Klingon" - a claim I want to call BS on, because a. No one says anything about Klingons in "Amok Time", b. There is an IDIC featured in the artwork in the background of the video for their song "China In Your Hand", and c. continue reading.) The only song they are really known for in the U.S. is "Heart and Soul", but one of their British hits was called "I Will Be With You", and the words and feel of that song are sooo reminiscent of that part of "Spock's World" that I can't help but identify the two. Particularly key lyrics for the reason why are included below:

"Here in my deepest dream,
Running through another scene,
I win your love again.
And no, it doesn't bother me -
The time I spend in imagery -
Well, it's how I live.
You see, I don't believe that we tried
Everything before our love died
And I just can't forget
Oh, is the one chance all we get?"

As the brilliant philosopher once said... Everybody, have fun tonight. Everybody, Wang Chung tonight.

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