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Re: Seasons 1 & 2.

I have long been a huge supporter of season 2 here on the forums. I feel it is often bundled in with the not-as-good season 1 (but even in that season I find a lot to like).

Season 2 had many gems and not just "Q Who" and "Measure of a Man".
I love "A Matter of Honour", "Peak Performance", "Time Squared", "Contagion", "Elementary Dear Data"...

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I prefer the feel of the early seasons to the later ones, if not the individual stories.
Yes, I agree. Though season 3 onward are clearly very well produced, there was some feeling of "not trying as hard" when I watch them. Hard to describe. Almost as if they knew the show was a hit so took the foot off the pedal a bit. Maybe not. Maybe they just hit a stride.

But I like the feel in season 1 and 2 where it's still a show trying REALLY hard.

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OTOH, if I were making a list of top 10 TNG episodes, "The Measure of a Man" might be the earliest one on the list chronologically.
I think I agree, though "A Matter of Honour" comes very close to me. Remember when I first saw this one - absolutely loved it!
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