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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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In the ending "news dialog" there's something in there about a mutated meningitis strain, I'm guessing it'd be viral meningitis. But it all hearkens back to what I was saying this summer after the movie came out. What is "lethal enough"? The flu is potentially lethal, hell, a cold is under the right (although narrow) circumstances.
Think the WHO doctors specifically mentioned it should be a bacterial strain vice viral.

Kinda leads towards the cure being worse than the disease, though. Bacterial Menengitis very quickly causes high fever, severe headaches, dizziness, confusion, and shortly leads to seizures, brain damage, and coma/death.

In theory, it KINDA works for Gerry, as he took it quickly, walked out, and cured himself in minutes. In the sort of nonsense where you're airdropping it into remote areas, you're killing people faster than the zombies. And if you have to cure/reinfect yourself every day or two, you're going to run out immediately, and you'd never have enough to even start with.

Viral version isn't quite as lethal, but it also burns itself out within a week, so you'd need constant boosters. And you're pretty out of it while infected, so you'd just have a bunch of sick people laying around, not an improvement. Same issues with supply.

really needed a less short-term disease if you wanted to do this for real. Kind of a problem that we can't CURE it, but you need something more like AIDS, where you can live and function with it just fine, and it's not going to outright kill you. Would buy years to get the outbreak under control...
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