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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

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The text commentary for TFF explains TNG had had the TMP bridge stored outside and a tarp blew off, so it got rained on and ruined ... only structural elements and the helm/nav console got salvaged and reused.
From what I have read 2 structural elements where the turbolift alcoves which survived for use in both the Enterprise A bridge (and then redressed as both the Excelsior and Ent B) before being pressed into service for the Enterprise E.

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I'm very happy with the TFF/TUC/EXC/E-B bridge, as I always hated the other one, especially those idiotic round displays. Even putting all of those casette tape box holder molds on the walls in TWOK to busy things up didn't help much, and the coloration was such that the actor complexions were rarely seen in a good light in 1-3.
The TFF/TUC Bridge is my favourite from the TOS movies, my ideal TOS bridge would have been TFF but with the mix of touch screens, switches and buttons from TUC. I actually liked the Bridge more in TMP than WOK/TSFS especially the chairs but never liked how uneven it looked with so many of the crew standing.

The white looked so garish in TVH in a way that I personally dont see in the current Abrams version (but I know some do) and Im glad they changed it for the 5th installment.
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