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Re: Fallen Star - Episode 1 (it's not Star Trek, but it's close)

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As far as our progress on episode 2 goes, shooting is on temporary hold at the moment and it's looking unlikely that it'll be ready before the year's end. However, production is still moving forwards and an early-2013 release seems likely.
Early 2013!!!! Oh what na´vetÚ!

This will probably be my final update in this thread (I'll start a new one for Episode 2 once it's finished):

The filming is now all done. We had some epic unexpected "down time" while waiting on a costume of all things, plus working out where to shoot the last scene, which has possibly added a year onto the production time. These things can't be helped, that's just how it goes sometimes.

On the plus side, this time out of production let me work uninterrupted on the visual effects, which are now finished as well.

So, we've got some audio work to do (dubbing, unfortunately!), sound effects, sourcing some music, etcetera, but I'm hoping the whole thing is finished and ready to show by the end of the year. I mean it's basically all I'm doing now, just this final crunch.

See you on the other side...

(PS. voice talent request still stands, we could always do with more. See previous posts for details.)
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